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Converting from Google's My Tracks to Strava

Posted by Alex Scotton on 24/6/2013

Whilst I loved My Tracks, the ability to agregate improvements or get any further data than your distance, route and time is lacking. I had a look around and found Strava.

Strava is a fantastic alternative to My Tracks with a social network attached. Your rides can be shared with your followers (and publicly), making exercise more competitive and enjoyable. My favourite part is 'Segments' - Segments can be anything from a short 100m downhill sprint to a 100mile loop of a county and these can be done as part of any route, simply riding on your commute to work could involve many different segments that you can compete on with hundreds of other local cyclists.

So, onto the topic at hand, importing your old routes into Strava:

1. Export your rides from MyTracks in GPX format

Load MyTracks, click the menu (top right hand corner), choose Save all to external storage and select the Save as GPX option. Once complete, you should then find a Folder named "My Tracks" with the GPX files within (on your SD Card or Emulated storage).

2. Setup your Strava profile

If you haven't done so already, sign up for Strava and setup your profile:

3. Import your rides into Strava (via the Web App)

Once you have your GPX files on your PC or Laptop, you must upload them to Strava (maximum of 25 routes at a time):

Once this is complete your old routes will have been added to Strava and you should begin to see Strava identify your score with already established segments and should already have some times to beat on your next outting!

Have Fun - Stay Safe!